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“Experience the Best of Indiana’s Great Outdoors at McCormick’s Creek State Park”

McCormick’s Creek State Park, located in Spencer, Indiana, is a natural wonderland that showcases the beauty of the Hoosier state. With its stunning limestone canyon, crystal-clear creek, and lush forests, this park is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. McCormick’s Creek State Park, 250 McCormick’s Creek Park Rd, Spencer, IN 47460. For more information, click here.

McCormick’s Creek State Park has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. The park’s namesake creek was formed by the erosion of limestone rock over millions of years, creating a unique and breathtaking canyon. The area was once home to various Native American tribes, including the Miami and Delaware. In 1916, the park was established as Indiana’s first state park, making it a pioneer in state park systems across the country.

Visitors to McCormick’s Creek State Park can enjoy a wide range of activities, including: – Hiking and backpacking on over 10 miles of trails – Camping in one of the park’s 189 campsites – Fishing in the creek or lake – Swimming in the park’s Olympic-sized pool – Exploring the park’s limestone cave – Horseback riding through the park’s scenic trails – Picnicking in one of the park’s many shelters.

The park offers a variety of amenities, including: – A nature center with interactive exhibits – A park store with souvenirs and snacks – A playground for kids – A basketball court and volleyball court – A boat launch and boat rentals – A dump station for RVs.

Points of Interest Within the park, visitors can explore several points of interest, including: – The limestone cave, which features stunning formations and underground streams – The canyon, which offers breathtaking views and hiking opportunities – The creek, which is perfect for fishing and wading – The lake, which offers boating and fishing opportunities – The park’s many waterfalls, which are scattered throughout the park.

Conclusion McCormick’s Creek State Park is a natural gem in the heart of Indiana. With its stunning beauty, rich history, and wide range of activities and amenities, this park is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to connect with nature and experience the great outdoors. So pack your bags, grab your hiking boots, and get ready to explore one of Indiana’s most beautiful state parks!

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Enjoy A Relaxing Horseback Ride Through This Gorgeous Florida Canyon

This epic horseback adventure is a rare find in Florida, as canyons are virtually nonexistent in the Sunshine State. This horseback adventure is located in Ocala, at 8045 NW Gainesville Rd, Ocala, Florida. For more information or to book your trip, click here.

This is not your typical horseback tour!  There are elevation changes of 100′ or more that you won’t find anywhere else in Florida.

We hope you’ll join the wonderful tour guides as they lead you on an amazing and scenic horseback ride throughout The Canyons park.  

This experience offers amazing views of both the Big Cliff Canyon and the Sky High Canyon.  The ride takes you down into the canyon and alongside our lakes, scenic vistas, through the woods and beside the enormous cliff walls. 

These incredible views are unparalleled and only here, at The Canyons Zip Line and Adventure Park!For more information or to book your trip, click here

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Missouri Lakefront Retreat: Experience the Best of Lake of the Ozarks in Style

The iconic and luxurious Glass Mansion has awe-inspiring, expansive lake views for miles from almost every room. It is located directly in the heart of Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach yet is securely and privately tucked away in the prestigious gated Ledges Waterfront Homes neighborhood. For more information or to check prices and availability, click here.

The Glass Mansion sits on the main channel of the lake directly on the water at the 20 mile marker, perched on beautiful natural rock cliffs with cascading waterfalls into the lake below. It’s truly a landmark.

The home is just a few minutes from shopping, the outlet mall, dining, golf, mini golf, marinas, go-karts, etc. No extra long drive to get to groceries or activities and best of all – NO TOLL BRIDGE every time you travel in or out of the property!

Newly added is a brand-new swim dock. Perfect for swimming, lounging, fishing, and a range of other activities. Equipped with a huge and comfortable swim ladder to provide easy access to the water. You truly feel like you are in the middle of all the action when on the dock.

Glass Mansion has a massive open concept kitchen and living room area on the main level with breathtaking views of the lake out of the large floor-to-ceiling windows. Large and expansive decks surround the home with outdoor entertainment areas, seating, grill, etc.

The living room contains a large and comfy cloud couch with giant puffy ottomans overlooking the beautiful lake views and large see through fireplace. There is no better spot to sit down and relax with a great book, a favorite beverage, catch a movie on the smart tv, or simply catch a nap. The room also contains an expansive wet bar with beverage storage and sink. The long 13′ granite counter top here is a great place to setup a large buffet style meal.

To the outside of the large see through fireplace is yet another cozy sitting area with lake views for miles. This area also has a large desk perfect for getting some work done. Overlooking the living room area is an elevated balcony with beautiful moving-keys player piano. Pop a player CD into the piano and enjoy a private piano concert!

Within the main living area is a large fully stocked kitchen. High-end stainless steel appliances, coffee maker, toaster, dish washer, cookware, etc. All of the supplies you will need to cook like a professional chef – just bring your own ingredients. Plenty of counter space to prepare and serve multiple families. There is a dining table and a breakfast bar area with barstools.

The home contains 4 spacious master suites, each with their own bathroom and lakeside deck! Perfect to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or catch a beautiful sunset overlooking the water. Three of the bedrooms have King size beds, while the fourth bedroom has a queen size bed.

There is also a huge bunk room with 7 queen beds and 2 twin trundles! Yes, 9 total beds in the bunk room – two queen over queen bunk beds (each with a twin xl trundle slide out) and a massive triple queen bunk bed. There are also several air mattresses and the giant couch and huge ottomans in the main living room make a fantastic place to sleep several.

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Unwind in Serenity: Discover the Beauty of the Waterfall Garden in Illinois!

The Waterfall Garden, nestled within the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois, is a breathtaking oasis that transports visitors to a world of tranquility and beauty. This stunning garden, open daily from 8 am to sunset (April through October) and 10 am to 4 pm (November through March), features a majestic 45-foot waterfall, meandering streams, and picturesque ponds, all surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flora. As you wander through the garden’s winding paths, the soothing sounds of water and nature create a sense of serenity, making it the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Waterfall Garden is located at 1000 Lake Cook Road, in Glencoe, Illinois. For more information, click here.

As you explore the Waterfall Garden, take in the diverse array of plant species, including ferns, astilbe, and hostas, which thrive in the garden’s moist, shaded environment. The garden’s design, inspired by the natural beauty of the Midwest, showcases the beauty of native plants and the importance of water conservation. With over 2.7 miles of walking trails, including the 1.2-mile Rose Terrace and the 1.5-mile Circle Garden Trail, visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll or a more vigorous hike, taking in the sights and sounds of this natural haven. Admission to the Chicago Botanic Garden, including the Waterfall Garden, is free, although parking fees apply.

In addition to its natural beauty, the Waterfall Garden also hosts various events and exhibitions throughout the year, such as the popular “Wonderland Express” exhibit during the holiday season. Visitors can also enjoy guided tours, educational programs, and workshops, making the Waterfall Garden a destination for nature lovers, photographers, and families alike. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an inspiring experience, the Waterfall Garden in Glencoe, Illinois, is a must-visit destination in the Midwest.

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Unleash the Wonder of Badlands National Park: A Journey Through Time and Nature

Badlands National Park, located in the heart of South Dakota, is a breathtaking destination that showcases the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and the rich history of the American West. Spanning over 244,000 acres, this national park is a treasure trove of unique geological formations, diverse wildlife, and fascinating cultural heritage. Badlands National Park is located at 25216 Ben Reifel Road, in Interior, South Dakota. For more information, click here.

History Badlands National Park has a storied past, with evidence of human presence dating back over 10,000 years. The park was once home to various Native American tribes, including the Oglala Sioux, who considered the land sacred. In the early 20th century, the area was established as a national monument, and in 1978, it was redesignated as a national park. Today, Badlands National Park is a protected area, preserving its natural and cultural resources for future generations.

Activities Visitors to Badlands National Park can enjoy a wide range of activities, including: – Hiking: Explore over 244,000 acres of rugged terrain, with trails suitable for all skill levels. – Wildlife Viewing: Spot bison, bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, and over 200 species of birds. – Scenic Drives: Take in the breathtaking views along the Badlands Loop Scenic Byway (SD-240). – Camping: Spend the night under the stars at one of the park’s two campgrounds. – Fossil Hunting: Discover ancient fossils and explore the park’s rich paleontological history. – Ranger Programs: Join park rangers for guided tours, talks, and educational programs.

Amenities Badlands National Park offers various amenities to enhance your visit, including: – Ben Reifel Visitor Center: Get park information, exhibits, and a park film. – Park Store: Shop for souvenirs, books, and park-related items. – Restrooms and Picnic Areas: Convenient facilities throughout the park. – Fuel Station: Gas up at the park’s convenience store.

Points of Interest Some of the park’s most notable attractions include: – Badlands Wall: A stunning rock formation that stretches for miles. – Pinnacles Overlook: A scenic viewpoint offering panoramic views. – Door Trail: A popular hiking trail with unique rock formations. – Fossil Exhibit Trail: A short trail featuring fossil displays.

In conclusion, Badlands National Park is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in nature, history, and adventure. With its unique geological formations, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural heritage, this park is a true American treasure. So come and experience the wonder of Badlands National Park for yourself!

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