Pagosa Springs is well known for its incredible hot springs, outdoor recreational opportunities, and close proximity to attractions like Mesa Verde.  But just in case that wasn’t enough reason to visit,  this charming town is also located just 15 miles East of the gorgeous Treasure Falls.

Lars Leber Photography

This incredible waterfall is visible from the parking area, and stands over 100 feet tall!  If you want to get to the base, a short hike is needed.

Picture is owned by Tom Marcho

Treasure Falls cascades into Falls Creek, which flows into the San Juan River, which flows all the way to the Gulf of California.

Tom Marcho

As beautiful as the area is, its unique history and folklore is just as stunning. The name Treasure Falls came from Treasure Mountain, which as the legends goes, holds buried gold. In the late 1700s about 300 Frenchmen secretly entered the San Juan Mountains, which at the time was Spanish turf.  The story is the men struck it rich, but only two of them managed to return east.  Rumors abound that the men buried treasure somewhere in the area.  Although it is yet to be discovered. Whether you believe the legend or not the spectacular scenery itself is reward enough for venturing to this beautiful Colorado landmark.

Tom Marcho

If your ready to see this stunning site, head east from downtown Pagosa Springs on Highway 160 for 15 miles. The parking lot is just off the shoulder of the highway. Just left of the parking lot lies the trailhead. Follow the trail 1/4 mile to a bridge at the base of the falls.

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